Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Diocletian's Palace Tunnels, Split, Croatia

Typical tunnel shot

Diocletian's Palace Tunnels

More information: http://www.diocletianspalace.org/

The Dioceletian Palace in Split is an incredibly old building, first constructed around 295AD.

These tunnels mirror the upstairs layout of the original palace in a largely untouched way, whereas above ground construction has replaced/removed walls and distorted the original shape.

The tunnels underneath the palace were filled in for many years, largely with rubbish (hmm, nice) but after clearing them out they have been open as a tourist attraction.

The tunnels cost 40 Kuna each to visit and it took about 20 minutes to walk around them.

Signage/Information on each room is quite sketchy, there was water dropping into the rooms when we visited, and once you have seen one of the empty rooms and admired the old brickwork, there wasn’t really a lot more on offer.

Split is a beautiful city with a lot of well preserved Roman architecture. I personally didn’t think that the tunnels rate a visit but architecture buffs may well disagree.

The condition is remarkable given the age of this building