Sunday, 19 August 2012

Grand Palace/พระบรมมหาราชวัง, Bangkok

19 August
  • Grand palace, very impressive. Jade Buddha most venerated in Thailand
  • Soldiers with millions of medals sweeping up and making coffee, very odd
  • False teeth and dentures for sale, why ?
  • Girl wearing glasses with no lenses, fashion crazy or what

Thursday, 16 August 2012

16th - 19th August

18 August
  • Washing adventures, it got monsooned as quickly as we could dry it, one step forward etc
  • Market adventure (Chatachak), lots of pets for sale, got monsooned again (when in Thailand)
  • Watched Atlantis - hmmm, not brilliant
  • Saw security guy asleep at block, felt much safer haha

Abi very pleased with button purchase at market

17 August 
  • First Friday feeling!
  • Night out with Andreas and his family and Mam
  • Eating out around "Nana" BTS station in an area called Sukhumvit
16 August - yep, work again
  • Long meeting in morning
  • Might go check out the tallest building in Bangkok for food later on - we did, and it was cool although we kept getting shoved back inside in between raining spells so we didn't get as many photos as we'd have liked. There's another tall bar called Banyan Tree which we'll have to go check out as well.