Thursday, 6 September 2012

6 - 9 September

9 September

Abi's last day in Bangkok - for a while

Got up far too early for a Sunday to take Abi to the airport. Lots of long faces between us, but hopefully she'll be back in just over a month and there's a lot to throw myself into at work.

8 September

Abi's last big push on the shopping front. 6 of us met up at the massive local market to shop until we dropped. Abi managed to pick up a lot of her souvenirs on this mission so if you got something from her it may well have been picked up on this day

7 September

Abi and Andreas' wife An all meet up for a final lunch in our favourite corner restaurant near work

Our last big meal out on the town before Abi heads - chips from The Secret Recipe cafe. Neither of us were really hungry so it just seemed like the best thing to do. Somehow the bill managed to be 10 though, not really sure what happened there...

6 September

Girl power night tonight. Abi, An, and Mam all had out to be pampered and massaged at a highly recommended place. The boys stayed back and drank beer, ate Pizza and watched Men in Black 3. A highly successful night all around, maybe except for the quality of Men in Black 3 :)