Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Uvala Ježinac, Beach, Split, Croatia

Uvala Ježinac Beach

Split, Croatia

The city of Split has the distinct benefits of a range of beaches nearby. They are sadly rocky shores rather than sandy but the water is a beautiful hue and the water quality very high. 

One of the closet beaches Uvala Ježinac beach is just a 20 minute walk from the centre of Split along the Split Riviera which is lined with white stone that almost blinds you in the sun.

The beach has multiple areas where you can set up camp and swim. There are public changing booths, showers, and drinking water dispensers dotted along the coast and there are also multiple cafes and restaurants serving food and drink. 

These aren’t really wide beaches though, more a selection of  gaps amongst the rocks where it’s flat enough to lie down. A lot of the beach is really close to the main footpath and we walked a little further along to try and escape the constant traffic of people walking along the path.

If the walk along the coast to the beach and a day’s swimming have worn you out it is possible to get a water taxi right back to the centre of split - result!