Wednesday, 5 September 2012


5 September 2013

Here's a very short (read lazy) write up of a recent trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok.
One of the most famous sights in Ayutthaya

What we did!

  • Day out with the Elephants :) A day trip to Ayutthaya 
  • Only a small place but full of temples or wats 
  • Halved price of tuk tuk by walking 100 yards. Think our bus driver had deal with guy who popped up when we got off the bus 
  • Elephant ride, good haggling by Abi. Got it for about half price. 
  • Elephant called toto, 2 years old, we think they said he'll work until 10. Driver called . Toy or something like that 
  • Driver was ari for the day' same as the tube station we live at 
  • Bronze Buddha covered in gold 
  • Saw very leany bricks, temples from 1300 
  • Abi bought magnets